Wolves firmly believe that people should have the right to demonstrate their religious beliefs and that the club’s role in the community should be used positively to encourage social inclusion whenever it is safe and practical to allow this to happen.

Sikhs who have demonstrated their commitment to the faith by going through the Amrit process will be welcomed at Molineux on match-days and during the week. As the kirpan is a ceremonial dagger, Wolves has a ‘duty of care’ to everyone who comes to  Molineux.  Therefore, the club has worked with the Sikh community, local authorities and insurers to come up with a policy which respects the rights of Sikhs but also respects the rights of others and the clubs regulatory obligations with regard to safety.


Process for entering the Molineux wearing a kirpan:

  • People wishing to wear a kirpan will be allowed to do so within the Billy Wright Stand upon production of a ‘validation letter’ from the club.  This should be shown to Stewards upon request when entering the ground.  Entry will not be permitted in any other stand. The purpose of this is to ensure people have smooth entry to the Molineux by removing the potential for embarrassment or Steward’s acting incorrectly at the turnstiles.  

  • To obtain a ‘validation letter’, supporters should contact the Fan Services team on fanservices@wolves.co.uk in order to produce a certificate of baptism or letter of endorsement from their Gurdwara Sahib or other nationally recognised Sikh organisation.

  • Individuals will also need to sign a disclaimer which waives the individual’s right to make any claims against the club, its servants or agents and Directors should anything happen as a result of them wearing the kirpan.

  • The kirpan must be sheathed and restrained with cord in accordance with religious requirements.  It must also be covered with a material scarf wrapped repeatedly around the waist.

  • The kirpan must be concealed and not immediately obvious (by shape, size or visibility) at any time during the individual’s time at the Molineux.  

  • If the kirpan is ever drawn or made visible then the individual will be asked to leave and a decision will be made regarding a stadium ban.


If you have any queries regarding this policy please email fanservices@wolves.co.uk