Fans are awarded 10 Loyalty Points for every first-team match they attend, as they accumulate this gives them access to priority to buy match tickets before other fans who haven’t attended as many matches.

Season ticket holders are automatically awarded 1,000 points meaning that they will always have priority access to tickets over non season ticket holders. Season ticket holders will also earn an additional 10 Loyalty Points for every away league or cup first-team match they attend. Season ticket holders do not earn loyalty points when purchasing additional tickets for home fixtures.

Members are automatically awarded 100 points and will be able to collect 10 Loyalty Points for every home and away first-team match they attend. This will guarantee members priority access to tickets over non members. A MyWolves membership is included in a season ticket and as such any season ticket holders purchasing additional memberships will not be credited with a further 100 loyalty points.

Points are only earned on tickets purchased directly through Wolves.

You can view your loyalty points total by logging in to your account, your points balance will then be displayed in the top left hand corner of the page. 

If you have not earned enough Loyalty Points for a ticket priority window you will not be able to buy tickets at that time. Details of ticket priority windows are published on the Wolves Online Ticketing Site

Please note that Loyalty Points only apply to the season in which they were earned and will not be carried over to future seasons (in exceptional circumstances it may be necessary to refer to points totals from a previous season)

We aim to add loyalty points as soon as possible after the fixture has been played. However when several fixtures are on sale at once, it may be necessary to freeze loyalty points if sales for another fixture with high demand are underway. 

We reserve the right to make any changes to our ticketing and loyalty policy when necessary and will give the earliest possible notice and reason for these changes