Due to the nature of live sport, there are numerous sensory stimuli such as noise and smells in and around Molineux. We work hard to take your needs into account and would like you to get in touch with the fan services team at fanservices@wolves.co.uk if you need advice. Some examples of things we can do include:

  • supporting people to enter and exit the stadium before the crowds
  • considering seating requests which may improve the experience for you
  • providing familiarisation tours to help you plan your day
  • we permit the use of ear defenders within the stadium
  • our accessibility stewards, head stewards and deputy head stewards have all received training in helping people with sensory needs
  • we have some designated quieter areas throughout the stadium which can be used to help you to take some time away and help you to feel calmer before returning to the match.

We also have a sensory room.  For more information on the sensory room please read the information here.