Where can I find wheelchair user bays on the ground map?

Wheelchair user bays can be found in the following locations: 
Billy Wright lower - Row A 
Sir Jack Hayward stand - SP1 wheelchair bay in SL1 
Steve Bull lower - ESLD near JL2 
Stan Cullis lower - PL1 and PL2 
Stan Cullis mid-level - PM1 and PM2 
Stan Cullis upper - PU1 and PU2 

Where can I sit if I want my family near me?

If one of your party is using a wheelchair, we suggest they sit in lower Billy Wright stand. A wheelchair user and a personal assistant can sit on row A with the other family members on row B. Please do not book tickets for all party members in row A as this will prevent other wheelchair users from being able select a suitable space. 

Can I bring a powered mobility scooter?

If using a wheelchair in these areas, we do allow powered wheelchair and scooters but please be aware that: 
• There is a maximum speed of 4mph 
• The maximum size permitted is 1200mm long (including footplates), 700mm wide and 900mm tall. 

Can I store a wheelchair and sit in standard seating?

No, unfortunately we have no storage for wheelchairs inside of the ground.  We do have a disabled drop off zone for parking on the Stan Cullis parking, this means you can be dropped off close to the stadium and take your time to the seating areas.  Please always pick lower tier seating if you have mobility problems.   
Please note we will not be able to provide alternative mobility aids to help access your booked seats.  

Can I move to a wheelchair user area?

All requests for seat moves must be received in advance of the game and are all subject to availability- please contact Fan Services on fanservices@wolves.co.uk 

For further information please contact fanservices@Wolves.co.uk