What is the sensory room?

We have a sensory room here which is a pitch facing room in the Steve Bull stand.  People can watch the game in a quieter environment.  It can be seen here https://youtu.be/JuR__hbetBs   
Sensory room access is pre bookable by those with valid match tickets.  It is advised to check the status of availability before booking match tickets. You can check live availability of the sensory room through myself or a member of the Fan Services team.

How do I book a space for the sensory room?

Once a match ticket has been purchased anywhere in the stadium and there is availability, a member of fan services can move you to the sensory room.    It is advised to check the availability before booking tickets.  Everyone wishing to attend will need a ticket. A questionnaire will need to be completed before moving seats so staff can get to know the supporter. 

How do I get match tickets?

To get match tickets we suggest you become a member as league games are selling out to members.   Information on memberships can be seen here https://memberships.wolves.co.uk/ and can be purchased via the ticket office or online.   Personal assistants do not need a membership as the disabled person, upon supporting documentation, will get 2 tickets in their name.   Please remember to check the availability of the sensory room before booking match tickets unless you are happy to sit in the main crowds if there is no availability.  

Are there any restrictions?

We like to share the experience between 2 families and we cannot always stretch to more than 3 people per family.  Due to demand, it may be the person with additional needs and a personal assistant.  We also like to match children up so they do not clash with their needs.    There is a minimum age of 5 years old and a diagnosis of a sensory need to use this facility.  The room is staffed but each adult is responsible for their own child and we do not allow alcohol unless there is more than one adult for the child. 

Sensory stories are available upon request.

Fan Services advisors are available during the week to meet the needs of disabled supporters and can be contacted on 01902 810485. Alternatively you contact Wolves Help via the online helpdesk or by emailing fanservices@wolves.co.uk 

To view an Access Guide for Molineux Stadium compiled by Access Able please click here