Do you know a Wolves fans that deserves a treat from Wolves? A fan with a story of fantastic loyalty, a supporter that goes out of their way to help others, or someone that has been going through a difficult time themselves?

We are looking for supporters to nominate someone who would love some sort of Wolves ‘treat’ and explain why it is that they deserve it. And then, several times a season we'll grant some Wolves Wishes.

If you know someone who may just fit the criteria, please e-mail the details as to why they deserve it to If there is a special Wolves-related treat that they might enjoy, please suggest that as well. Please be sure to provide us with as much detail as possible. 

We would also ask that you don’t let the fan in question know about their nomination.

We endeavour to assist with as many submissions as possible, however due to the volume of requests we are sadly unable to help with every one.

Please click here find out more details regarding granted Wolves Wishes