The complete list of Europa League group stage fixtures is as follows:

  • Wolves v Braga | 19th September, 8pm
  • Besiktas v Wolves | 3rd October, 5.55pm
  • Slovan Bratislava v Wolves | 24th October, 5.55pm
  • Wolves v Slovan Bratislava | 7th November, 8pm
  • Braga v Wolves | 28th November, 5.55pm
  • Wolves v Besiktas | 12th December, 8pm

Wolves’ opposition on 24th October, Slovan Bratislava, are subject to a UEFA sanction which includes two matches to be played behind-closed-doors.

The punishment will currently affect Wolves’ tie in Slovakia, so supporters should not book any travel or accommodation for the tie until any appeal by Slovan Bratislava has concluded.