Silver Away Season Ticket Terms and Conditions - Season 2019/20 

The following conditions of issue are accepted upon payment for a Silver Away Season Ticket.

  1. The Club will reserve a ticket for a specified period for each Premier League games with the exception of our trip to AFC Bournemouth (18 games in total) during season 2019/20. Please note this does not apply to away Cup games.
  2. The Club does not commit to guaranteeing prime seating and this is not a benefit of the scheme.
  3. Silver away season ticket holders are only entitled to 1 away ticket per game and cannot claim a second ticket by using their home season ticket.
  4. Silver AST holders will be allocated 1,500 loyalty points upon purchasing, this is in addition to 1,000 loyalty points allocated as a home Season Ticket holder.
  5. A silver away season ticket holder will have the ability to claim their ticket during a specific period of time ahead of season ticket holders but after gold away season ticket holders. After which time there can be no guarantee of ticket availability.
  6. Membership to the silver away season ticket scheme is non-refundable and non-transferable.
  7. The method by which tickets are sold is at the discretion of the ticket office.
  8. Any request for the cancellation/refund of an away match ticket will be subject to the terms and conditions of the home/issuing club (which can usually be found on the reverse of the ticket). Any ticket issued under the silver AST scheme is non-transferable and therefore cannot be used by another supporter and also cannot be upgraded or downgraded.
  9. The Club reserves the right to withdraw and cancel membership to the scheme in the event of the holder being found involved in any incident of misconduct surrounding any football match.
  10. The Club reserves the right to withdraw the offer of renewal to the scheme in the event of the holder purchasing tickets for less than 75% of league games through the previous season.
  11. In order to hold an away season ticket each supporter must also hold a season ticket for home league games.