In August 2012 a ‘Steering Group’ was formed to create the Wolves Disabled Supporters Association. The group was elected from our registered disabled fanbase and fantastically supported by ‘Level Playing Field‘, the representing body guiding both clubs and disabled people when developing such associations. The Steering Group agreed the basis of a constitution and the reasoning for the existence of the DSA while also electing a Chairperson, Assistant Chair and Secretary.

The DSA has its own ‘code of conduct’ binding all members in supporting each other together with Wolves. Furthermore, two members of the DSA were elected to sit on the clubs Fans Parliament thereby providing an important flow of communication between the two groups.

Issues addressed by the Wolves DSA include: facilities at away grounds, essential access, vehicle parking, seating and ticketing information. All impact on disabled people enjoying their football and this is where DSA members' feedback can prove invaluable. Football clubs and national football bodies need the assistance of disabled supporters in order to maintain and improve the facilities that are provided. The enthusiasm and commitment of Wolves DSA members demonstrates that, given the opportunity, disabled supporters can be an active part of the football community.